5 Ideas for Creating an Optimal Bar and Restaurant Design

Optimal bar and restaurant design always needs to start with proper planning. Long before you purchase a space and start the construction process, you have to put all of your ideas in writing. Your design proposal will cover all of the bases from décor to menu offerings.

Filing the proper paperwork with the city and state is an integral part of the overall implementation process. This is a regulatory and essential part of ensuring you adhere to building codes, are legally licensed to buy and sell alcohol, and will undergo the appropriate inspections before opening for business.  

There are numerous legalities to cover during the onset of a design project, but once you cover the necessities of bookkeeping, you can focus your attention on the creative and innovative process that is your design concept. This part of the process is where brainstorming and constructing a list of “must haves” allows you to narrow down what is most important in your new space.

Experts at StudioAtlantis have put together a list of ideas to help you create a signature bar and restaurant design.

5 Master-Level Design Ideas

The key to masterful design in any space is to think about it as a whole and then break that big picture into several small, manageable snapshots. That’s what we’ve done with these design ideas. They are concepts that work together to form an optimal bar and restaurant design.

Idea #1: Make an entrance. You have arrived on the local scene; now it’s time to make your customers feel the same way. How do you do that? The secret is an inviting entry. Your entryway may seem like a small part of a much larger dining experience, but it is also a customer’s first impression of the space. Make sure it reflects the ambiance of the locale and doesn’t detract from it.

Idea #2: Make it seamless. Remember when we said to think about your menu early on? Seamless flow is the motivating factor. You not only want things to be efficient, you want to increase productivity within the space. The best way to do that is to make sure that servers have easy access from the back of the house to the kitchen and dining area. A good flow stops you from wasting valuable time.

Idea #3: Add interest with seating arrangements. Not all diners are alike. Serve both their tastes in your space by providing a variety of seating options. That way, they get to choose their preferred seating and you gain spur of the moment versatility; something every bar and restaurant design needs.

Idea #4: Update your décor. This is your chance to stand out in the crowd – use it. Create a memorable impression that lasts and keeps them coming back.

Idea #5: Layer the lighting. Divide your lighting between general, ambient, and task. Keeping it at appropriate levels will help the daily operations move more smoothly. Be sure to adjust the lighting levels throughout the day.

You’ll know your design has succeeded when these snapshots come together and re-form the big picture you started with.

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