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Restaurant Design Trends for 2018

Restaurant Design Trends for 2018






Drake Commissary, Toronto

Tears Upon Re-Claimed Lumber

For 2018 the new year brings along a new look to restaurant design. The past few years have been dominated by wood slatted screens made from reclaimed wood and Edison bulbs cast through the dining area. Rustic will no longer be considered “rustic”, but just “old”. The restaurant design in the past years has been very accommodating to the bearded, flannel going crowd, as they sat upon a burnt orange upholstered booth, but those days are waning.






KOST Restaurant, Toronto

Clean Slate

Get ready for a change. All of the dark and neutral earth tones will lighten and turn to pastels. There is a shift in restaurant atmosphere, from cozy and rugged to clean and modern. Expect more green in the form of plants and living walls, adding life and comfort. Also look for design that highlights the natural architecture of the space rather than loud wall paper and elaborate colors that distracts. Crisp and clean will be the trend this year.






Buena Vista Hotel, Mosman, Australia

Wood and White

We are going to see more white walls with pops of color, along with large windows that aren’t framed in rusted steel. The dark woods will turn to lighter ones to accent the brighter colors. Get ready for more wood in general. Wood paneling is making a comeback, folks. However it will be lighter tones than the wood-clad steakhouses of old. Don’t worry, the wooded walls will be balanced with pops of art and lighting that is infused with technology that makes the guests, the space, and the food look ready for Instagram.







100% Chocolate Café, Tokyo


Another added trait of this coming year’s trends will be strong design themes in restaurants. Picture a chocolate shop with ceiling panels that resemble a giant Hershey’s bar. To go with that, the lay-in ceiling is being covered up more and more. Interesting pieces of custom art and sculptures will be suspended from ceilings to totally immerse the guests in the environment and the theme of the restaurant while they dine.


We are excited about these new changes and the design implications they bring upon a firm such as ours, and we will hit the ground running to implement these newest trends into our designs in the coming year.




5 Ideas for Creating an Optimal Bar and Restaurant Design

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Filing the proper paperwork with the city and state is an integral part of the overall implementation process. This is a regulatory and essential part of ensuring you adhere to building codes, are legally licensed to buy and sell alcohol, and will undergo the appropriate inspections before opening for business.  Continue Reading..