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How do color trends start

Have you ever wondered where color trends come from?  Every season different colors and styles are the next “in” thing, but you might wonder why does it always change? It use to be the color trends were mostly motivated from fashion runways in Milan and Paris, but now we see them coming from many other sources.  Economic conditions, travel destinations (have you noticed the London serge?), movies, theater and trade shows all have a big part of the trends today.  So, if you are not  interested in high fashion, you can still stay up to date by going to the movies or watching the news.  With so many factors in colors today, the golden rule for choosing a color is to pick a color…you like!


What is all that racket!?

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Some of the most grating noises are in the higher register. These are the ones that just bounce around without concern for anyone else and over time can become like fingers on a chalkboard. My nemesis? Metal chairs being drug across a hard surface floor. I never seem to notice this sound until I’ve settled in, ordered a nice wine, and rrrreeeettt… rrreeeettt… somebody clears a table. Once this sets in it’s like nothing else is in the room. Well there is a VERY easy, quick and inexpensive fix to this! For about 15 cents a leg you can quickly add nylon or felt glides to the legs… And me? … back to my wine and lovely conversation.