Give Your Space Personality with a Team of Experienced Restaurant Designers

Is anybody else out there addicted to remodeling and interior design shows? OK, so the question’s a bit biased coming from an interior design firm filled with restaurant designers, but at StudioAtlantis, we are on a mission; a mission of inspiration. We are open to that inspiration in all of its forms.

From Homogeneous to Rhythmic: Learning the Language of Active Space

One of the challenges for restaurant designers is to figure out how to make the space both signature and functional.

Restaurants are notorious for always buzzing with activity. Whether that activity is the comforting hustle and bustle of family style or the well-oiled machinations of fine dining, the space has to accommodate both the staff and the customers in equal measure. The best way to do that is to treat the space as interactive from the moment you step into it. Luckily, that’s a StudioAtlantis specialty.

Our restaurant designers can step into the space and not only visualize the brand and the concept, but put the picture in motion. The result is a venue that compliments the style, the staff, and the customer.

The Devil is in the Details

Restaurants are a triumph and a challenge because your brand extends from how you answer the phones to how you dress and place the tables. Everything has to work within a theme.

Believe it or not, something as simple as the scrape of a metallic chair against the floor is enough to put a crimp in someone’s dining experience. It’s a bit like a spoiler-alert during that blockbuster hit you’ve waited all year to see; there’s just something about it that pulls you out of the whole experience. The funny thing is that’s what StudioAtlantis calls a 15 cent fix.

For the cost of 15 cents per chair leg, you can put felt squares on the bottom of each chair (OK, so that’s a 60 cent fix, but you get the gist). This easy fix allows your chairs to glide noiselessly across the floor without disturbing anyone’s evening out. It’s knowing and investing in the smallest details that makes our firm unique.

The other thing that puts our restaurant designers a cut above the rest is the fact that they handle everything from A to Z. That means they not only design the interior of a space, they also design a branding and promotion campaign to go with it. What could be better? There’s no need for a third party agency to come in and “interpret” how the design fits your brand. The people who designed it can tailor the branding to fit because it’s been part of the project all along.

To see how this fully integrated approach to interior design works in a restaurant setting, please visit our website: atlantis.josh-web.com. We are excited to share our vision with you!

Let restaurant designers bring your concepts to life