Prime Real Estate: 5 Signs of a Restaurant That’s Designed for Success

People are fond of saying that the key to success in business is location, location, location. If you’ve always believed that as well, then congratulations, you are partially right. Only partially? Yes.

Restaurant layouts need more than just a prime location to insure success. The staff at StudioAtlantis has drafted a five point inspection list that will help you find the perfect restaurant location.

5 Things to Look for When Trying to Find a Restaurant Location

The proper restaurant layouts have crossed their spatial t’s and dotted their sightline i’s, but have you ever wondered how they did it? We’ll give you an inside look at the process from the ground up. These tips will transform the way you look at commercial real estate.

  1. Good street presence. This is related to the location topic we raised earlier. One of the most important things you should look for is also one of the most obvious: people need to be able to find your restaurant. Even with the help of a smartphone and a GPS, if your restaurant is difficult to get to, business will likely start slow and stay slow. Restaurants that are in easily accessible locations are the ones that thrive.
  2. Adequate parking is a must. Don’t sign a lease until you’re sure the parking lot will suit your needs. This is a difficult challenge to solve or work around down the road, so iron it out before you rent a space.
  3. A pre-fabricated kitchen and plumbing set-up.  Nothing says restaurant quite like a chef-quality kitchen equipped with the proper plumbing. This is your biggest, budget-friendly find. If the space is already restaurant-ready, you don’t have to sink your budget into a commercial kitchen remodel. Projects like that can quickly become a money pit.
  4. Check out the restroom situation. This is a vital part of running a tight ship. It is also essential to planning restaurant layouts. All too often, we’ve seen would-be owners treat their lavatories as afterthoughts. Then, as the ink is already drying on the lease, they delectably realize that adding more bathrooms cuts down on their kitchen and dining space. Don’t make the same mistake. Plan ahead, keeping capacity and comfort in mind.
  5. Get the 411 on grease. Grease traps are a reality of the food service game. They filter runoff and kitchen waste before it enters the regular sewer system. The tricky thing is each municipality has different regulations when it comes to codes, traps and source systems. Check with the city to find out where your restaurant’s capabilities lie. That way, you can avoid any hang-ups or delays during construction.

These are just a few of the building blocks that make-up beautiful and efficient restaurant layouts. If you’re interested in the play by play, check out our website: atlantis.josh-web.com.

While there, you can get tips and insight from the experts, see our past work, get a quote for a project, and much more. You can own your dream restaurant.    

Restaurant layouts are integral to the overall flow of a space